My diploma-thesis is ready. Last Tuesday i handed in my thesis.  The only thing that is missing, is a short presentation of what I have worked on. So I will have some time to write a new blog-post about my thesis within the next days.


Hello world! Almost always the first lines of code presented in books or courses on programming languages for beginners contain this phrase. I decided to switch the way of publishing content on my homepage. I do not use a new programming language but I switched from mediawiki to wordpress. This reflects the change of manner how I will publish content. It is very hard to publish coherent and complete articles to a topic in a good quality in spare time. While it was hard enough to do this alongside studying at university I will not be able to continue my work on the wiki when I start to work for a company. But I don’t want to completely stop sharing my questions, answers, and ideas with you. In future I will use this blog to publish my experience. Generally this experience will not be coherent and complete. It will reflect my daily work with and on software. I decided to continue my homepage in English which is in fact the IT-Language.

The Softwareengineering-WIKI is still reachable at:

My old site is not reachable anymore.

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